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The world is seen from many perspectives. If you take a moment to ponder the view of the tiny insect resting gently at the base of this flower. Perhaps it is enjoying the downy softness of petal, the strength of the stem that supports its weight or even the sweet drops of water as a means of refreshment. There is so much to appreciate in the tiny wonders of the living world.

Delight in each aspect, savor each moment, breathe in the beauty, there is lots of time to fly.

I SEE PEACE . . . I encourage you to take a breathe in the beauty of nature and be at peace. Each day we are given countless opportunities to breathe in peace. Look up and watch the clouds float by, it is truly an amazing sight to watch the whirl, swirl and continuously forming new shapes. At night breathe in the stars and bask in the beauty of the moon. The sky is constantly changing so there is always something new to discover.

Give yourself the gift of a moment to bond with a tree, discover all the intricate branches and ground yourself with the roots that travel deep within the earth. There are so many wonderful old trees that have fabulous stories to tell. I love to rest my head against the trunk of an old tree and embrace the solid stillness of these amazing beings. To do so, I find, is a blissful, peaceful meditation.

Peacefulness can be found communing with the ants in your neighborhood. You will find that they are not so different from children and adults you know, give them a cookie and they will be joyful for hours. Just sit down and watch.

On occasion, we have an animal, insect, bird or fish that decides to commune with us. The peaceful being may arrive on your doorstep, land on a branch outside your window or if you are lucky, it will alight on your lap or even better your hand. It is always an unexpected welcome surprise, so open your hand and embrace the experience. Just the other day over 100 ravens filled the air and the trees around me. I sat and watch them busy themselves. It was so peaceful seeing them interacting on the ground, exploring the tree branches and moving through life with ease and grace. Oh, to be so free!

Every day there is so much to appreciate, nature gives us the gift of peace each moment of our lives, it is only for us to take notice of how truly remarkable each leaf on the branch of the tree of life is. I saw peace in the grass today and it is a beautiful green! What do you see? Peace.

©2006 Lisa LeRose, One Wisdom.org