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We discover reflections of ourselves in the people we meet. We invite you to explore the work of unique individuals, programs and concepts we believe are worth incorporating into your realm of consiousness.

Explore reflections that uniquely inspire discovery — simply click on the links below.

Holistic Cancer Therapy
Meet Tullio Simoncini, MD who specializes in oncology, diabetology and in metabolic disorders. Dr. Simoncini discovered that the cause of Cancer is a fungus and has tried hard to persuade scientists about how wrong are the actual theories on cancer.

His therapy based on the strongest antifungal substance, sodium bicarbonate, is harmless and very effective and should be adopted all over the world.

Please take a moment to discover Dr. Simoncini's vision in this interview with Doug Kaufmann on Know The Cause.


On a personal note, my father lost his battle with cancer over 20 years ago. The gift of the blessing for me was that it served as the catalyst for me to seek information on holistic healing.

I have been blessed with discovering amazing resouces to help bring the body back in balance and have been able to share this knowledge with others embarking on a healing journey.

Dr. Simoncini joined me on the One Wisdom radio show. Please visit in the upcoming weeks for a link to the audio.



The Reconnection
Amazing, inspiring, and exciting are three words that describe participating in a Level I/II seminar with Dr. Eric Pearl.

I invite you to join me for my experiences with Reconnective Healing.

Meet Dr. Eric Pearl and discover a unique hands-off healing art that has opened new realms in the exploration of healing energy.

Explore reconnective healing for animals with Renée Coltson.

I currently offer Reconnective Healing sessions at my office. To find out more visit www.nuincenter.com

The Dream Healer
Through a series of sychronistic events, my journey connected me to the path and work of Adam, an exceptional young man, Adam, the Dream Healer. Adam has the rare gift of insight into energtic connections. He is the author of several books that detail his journey and work in helping empower and facilitate healings for countless individuals.

Tony Parsons
An amazing author and teacher who shares the secrets of living an awakened life.

Join Patrick McDonnell in his dedication to raising awareness of animals in shelters and to encourage animal adoption through his heart-warming shelter stories. I have been fortunate to share my journey with many rescued friends in fuzzy suits. The love they have shared with me is timeless. I encourage all friends in human suits to join me in sharing their love.