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The Reconnection

Amazing, inspiring, and exciting are three words that describe participating in a Level I/II seminar with Dr. Eric Pearl, author of The Reconnection.

The first step in reconnective healing is to learn to recognize the reconnective energy. The process gives very clear signals that it is there and that we are involved with it. Over the course of the weekend I experienced real and palpable energy in my hands, throughout my body and all around me, as did the other 331 class participants. Not only was I able to feel for the energy, but I was able to visually see "registers" or indication that the energy was being received by the person on the table. These registers included rapid eye movement, eye lash flutters, swallowing, involutary head and muscle movements, along with a variety of other visual signals. During group discussions, participants shared their experiences — the shared stories were amazing, inspiring and exciting. Here is one of them.

Click to view a larger image of light, energy and information in action. We are reconnecting strings,
we are reconnecting strands.

Seventeen years ago David Scurti had a profound accident that would not only change his life but would ultimately lead him to a healing that would change his life. (See the photos of David below.)

David had been working on a scaffold that was approximately 15 feet above the ground. At the end of the day he took off his safety harness and prepared to come down. Unexpectedly the scaffold flipped up and ove and David sustained an estimated 22 foot fall onto the concrete below. David had to undergo back surgery to repair his L5 lumbar and his left elbow. In addition to these injuries, he herniated 2 disks in his lower back and 2 in his neck. Perhaps the most devastating injury David sustained was that he lost the radial head in his in his right arm and never regained mobility.

David has worked in the field of Prosthetics and Orthotics and has helped countless individuals feel better and regain their mobility. Interestingly enough, although David had seen Dr. Eric Pearl at a previous seminar he was fearful that a healing would not occur for him. Fortunately for David, on Friday evening, August 7, he had the courage to volunteer to be part of a demonstation on reconnective healing given by Dr. Pearl. David came up on stage and shared the details of the accident. Dr. Pearl tested the range of motion of David's right arm. David was not able to raise his right arm parallel to the ground. When Dr. Pearl attempted to bring the arm up a bit higher David winced in pain, as the arm appeared to roll out of the socket.

Dr. Pearl began by bring one of his hands in several inches away from David's hand to feel for the energy. Eric's then brought his other hand in and began moving it in a slow circular motion. Dr. Pearl spoke and joked with David and the audience, as he continued through a series of hands-off movements around David's hand. After several minutes, Dr. Pearl paused and commented that he would like to be reminded of David's range of motion before he started working on the arm. David began to raise his arm and to his surprise and amazement, he was able to raise his arm above his head — a feat he had not been able to accomplish for 17 years! I spoke with David on Sunday at the close of the seminar. He shared that his arm continued to heal throughout the weekend, his range of motion increased even further and he was now pain free. He expressed how grateful he was to Dr. Pearl for facilitating the healing.

David is now a certified Reconnective Healing practitioner. He can be contacted at dscurti@sunriseonp.com

In the first photo, David demonstrates his limited range of motion due after the scaffolding accident.

After David received Reconnective Healing from
Dr. Eric Pearl, he was able to raise his arm above his head. He had not been able to do this for 17 years.

The healing continued throughout the seminar, at the end of 3 days, David was able to raise his arm and rotate it behind his head.

If you would like to speak with David about his experience or to receive Reconnective Healing session from David, please feel free to contact him at dscurti@sunriseonp.com