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The Reconnection for Animal Healing

I believe we are reflections of the people we meet and that it is our journey to new connections that reveals to us opportunities for growth and a greater understanding of who we are.

I had the great pleasure of connecting with an amazing woman who embraces the belief that We are all Life . . . We are one.

Renée assists all animals (including humans) in healing physical illness, fear, anxiety, and even addresses behavioral issues.

Renée has sunny smile, wonderful energy, a big heart and a true love of animals. One of the things that endeared me to Renée is how giving she is of her time. During the holidays she bakes cookies for shelter animals, she donates free healing sessions at animal shelters and works with rescue organizations. Animals and people are drawn to her gentle, kind spirit.

Renée shared a wonderful story with me about a horse at a rescue ranch, that nuzzled the fence when she came near. She shared with the manager that she felt the horse wanted to receive a healing. The manager told Renée that the horse could not be tamed, riden or captured and that she should focus on some of the other animals, so Renée did just that. The next day, Renée received a call from the manager of the ranch. She telephoned to share that the untame horse was now gentle, it could be saddled and even riden. The horse had received the healing energy throught the process of entrainment.

Renée is a practitioner and an associate instructor in Reconnective Healing. She has a passion and love for all animals, especially horses.

The Reconnection links us to a timeless network of intelligence that draws the basic energy for the renewal functions of the human body. These healing energies work at the cellular level thereby releasing the vibrations that hold the pattern of dis-ease and facilitates the release of individual and collective past trauma.

Renée is the founder of "Partnership in Planetary Healing" (PIPH) a non-profit organization dedicated to easing suffering and raising global consciousness.

To learn more about Renée's work, please visit her website at http://reneecoltson.com/