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We hope you find our views on healing inspirational and enlightening. It is our desire that these insights offer hope to everyone on their healing journey.

On October 7th One Wisdom had the opportunity to discuss vaccinations, nutritional ideas and removing heavy metals from the body.

We had the great pleasure of hosting Aurora, she is the mother of Jeffrey. Shortly after Jeffrey was vaccinated, he fell into an autistic state at age 2. She helped bring Jeffrey out of a state of autism using diet, nutrition, and chelation therapy. He is now a healthy, 8 year old.

Some highlights from the program:
• 1 in 166 children are diagnosed with autism
• The symptoms of mercury poisoning are identical to autism.
• The flu vaccines contain mercury as a preservative, adult use only.
• Taking Vitamin C may boost the immune system enough to neutralize the dangerous effects of receiving a vaccine.
• It may be best until a child reaches the age of 2 before vaccinating your child.
• Dietary changes such as eliminating dairy and gluten make a difference in supporting the immune system of children, this is escpecially important for an autistic child.
• We crave foods that we have allergies to.

Contact Aurora at: jeffreysjourney@gmail.com

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